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The 1 Easy Rule To Instantly Create More Compelling Content For Your Customers

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

So, you’ve been creating posts for your social media pages, you’ve spent time, money and effort into getting photos and creating the content, you’re even using tiny ad budgets to promote these posts. BUT people don’t seem to be engaging well with your content. Why is that?

Many people believe that content goes viral through sheer luck. That just simply isn’t the case, your content has to click with your audience for it to be engaging. Below I’ll be teaching you a simple 4-step rule created by social media marketing expert Tai Lopez to consistently create engaging content for your audience assuming you’re a local business.

Your content has to click with your audience for it to be engaging.

To create compelling content you’ll have to assess your content based on it’s V.R.I.N scores. These scores will be measured on a scale from 1-10, averaged out and the average of their scores will dictate whether or not the content should be posted.

So V.R.I.N stands for:

V - Valuable

The content has to provide value for your audience, this can either be in the form of education or entertainment.

E.g. If you’re a cosmetic surgeon, why do people come to you? Do you present great customer service?

R - Rare

The majority of your posts should be special - They should show things other businesses aren’t showing.

E.g. As a dentist you can present teeth that are grotesque being repaired - Imagine how Dr. Pimple Popper got so viral.

I - (Un)Imitable

Can your competitors make the same post as you? What sets you apart from your competition? Use statistics to back it up if possible.

E.g. As a Japanese restaurant owner you came to the U.K. in search of a better life and to spread the joy your grandmother’s secret ramen recipe brought to your family.

N - Non-substitutable

Is it presented it in a way which suggests that your product/service is something your customers can’t live without.


- As a restaurant owner you can present eating at your restaurant to bring the family/friends closer together

- As a dentist you can present perfect teeth as an essential to be taken seriously/makes you more likely to be accepted in a job interview.

Below are the ranking for the average of these 4 aspects:

1-4: Poor - Never post this

4-7: Decent

8-10: Compelling

Never post content that is ranked below an 8.

Above is a post by Food Insider with an extremely high V.R.I.N score, the post contains value not only in the form of entertainment but education as well, they display their brand story in a way that is rare and un-inimitable, what could be improved may be the use of social proof to boost it's "N" score however.

Once you've gotten content which are ranked above an 8 or above on the V.R.I.N just test them out for their organic reach and promote the best performing post!

In a world where businesses are always trying to get into the faces of their customers we have to ensure that our content provides value to avoid annoying our audience, observing current advertisement trends, most ads are taking a more entertaining standpoint - It is better to not post at all than to post trash.

About The Author:

Jason Wu is a social media marketing agency owner who enjoys providing value to local businesses. If you'd love to learn more about him just drop him an email or connect with him on LinkedIn.




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