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Case Study - Hanabi Ramen

The following is a case study of TopSocial's work - a digital marketing agency based in Texas, U.S. - The founder of TopSocial is an associate of mine.

The majority of Social Media Marketing Agencies typically perform a bad job. We aim to be different. The following case study below details a Brand Awareness campaign run for Hanabi Ramen using only $1709.84 in advertising budget.

As can be seen above:

- Over 1 million people were reaches within a 15 mile radius of their 3 franchises

- Massive brand exposure with a story-telling style brand video

- Total of 306,157 minutes viewed

- Incredible word-of-mouth from potential customers (7k likes / 7k comments / 8k shares)

- Over 1 million impressions

- Hyper targeted audience - ideal demographic of women between 25-43

- Over 7k comments of LOCAL potential customers engaging with the brand video.

- People tagging friends encouraging them to watch the video and visit the restaurant.

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