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Case Study - Dineout

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The following is a case study of Dineout - a table reservation platform in India.

Catering to different audiences

India’s favourite online restaurant reservation platform enjoyed a 6X increase in bookings after personalising its ads to cater to different types of diners.

  • 6Xincrease in bookings

  • 80%lower cost per conversion

  • 3Xincrease in return on ad spend

  • 5Xoverall growth in diner base

Their Story

A buffet of choices

Dineout is India’s premier table-reservation platform, operating in 8 cities with over 20,000 restaurants in its database.

Their Goal

Increasing reservations

Dineout wanted to achieve 4X more bookings on its reservation service and reduce cost per conversion by 50% within one year.

For us, Facebook remains a core platform to engage with foodies. Our team is always hungry for new formats that help us reach our consumers in innovative ways. We have the top restaurants in the country that provide the best dining experiences, so it’s only a matter of effectively communicating the amazing offerings.

Anuj Kumar, Digital Marketing Manager, Dineout

Their Solution

Making ads to order

After emerging as the preferred online reservation app for diners in India, Dineout wanted to further increase its bookings by 4X. It saw personalisation as the key to taking its business to another level.Prior to running personalised ads, the reservation service first showed photo and carousel ads promoting restaurant offers, and featuring close-up shots of food. Dineout also used the same ads on its app. Clicking on these ads redirected people to the specific offer pages within the app and on its website. Dineout installed the Facebook pixel on its website and app to track, understand and categorise its audience so that it could deliver more personalised messages in its next batch of ads. Next, using data from the Facebook pixel, Dineout segmented its target audience into 4 groups of people who had visited the website, but didn’t book a reservation: those who visited the homepage, visited a restaurant listing page, visited a restaurant detail page and, finally, those who advanced all the way to the booking confirmation page. Based on these categories, it created dynamic ads with different messaging tiers to retarget people and encourage them to come back to book a reservation. The messages in the ads were designed according to the stage at which the audiences left the website or app. Dineout further divided its audience according to the time they last visited and targeted them with time-specific messages.


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